She Believed She Could, So She Did!


Hello my lovelies,

The original idea of this blog was to create a place where I could share my creations with those like minded beings who love to sew. However, as I progress on my handbag making journey I find that I’m creating bags with particular themes. This month I’d like to honour a dear friend who lived with breast cancer for many years. This extraordinary woman touched my life when I met her through a friend and she was seeking help with a breast cancer support group that she had been facilitating for about 8yrs at the time. At this point in her life Barb had already been living with breast cancer for 9yrs and had previously had a double mastectomy and now in remission. I quickly warmed to this gentle woman who’s souls purpose was to offer support and resources to other woman going through the same journey and to continue to raise awareness of breast care. As I joined her on the committee we soon became friends. Her drive and determination to keep the support group alive through some very difficult challenges was indeed inspiring as she would organise fund raising events, be it “Shake the Bucket” at the local farmers markets or “Lighthouse Fun Runs” and the even participating in the “Dragons Abreast Australia” regattas as well as weekly support meetings always having something new to share with the women. Barb’s motto was “through connection with each other we can go from strength to strength”, and she did indeed love to really connect with each and every one she met, making them feel important. At first this challenge seemed daunting but with her determination Barb saw it through for 11 1/2yrs till she was diagnosed again in 2015 when the cancer had returned this time more aggressively. We said goodbye to Barb 21st May 2016 when she left her body and earned her wings. Truly one of earths angels. This bucket bag is in Honour of Barbara Pinter.


This beautiful bucket bag is available in your choice of colour and fabric theme. Just send me a message with your specific requirements and I’d be happy to create something special for you.


Paulette x

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