New Release – Eco Friendly Vegan Cork Leather Bags


Cork has long been used as a water-resistant, organic material in many items and now cork is widely regarded as being one of the most ecologically friendly materials around. It’s easily recycled, completely natural, and derived directly from the wood of the cork oak tree; cork fabric is known as a high class fabric made from cork shavings.

About every 8-10 years, the bark can be carefully stripped from the trees without injuring them. Cork trees in fact live about 150 years despite the periodical harvesting. It’s bark is taken off the tree without harming it. When the old tree is removed, two new saplings are planted in its place, ensuring the cork forest continues to flourish and expand. The cork oak tree also reproduces off-springs naturally by dropping acorns that seed themselves and mature into productive trees.

Our bags have been lovingly handcrafted using cork harvested from Portugal Cork Oak forests. This range is an animal-friendly alternative, also respecting the environment. Cork really is the 21st century answer to leather.

Cork is a sustainable, naturally stain and water resistant material which is perfect for the Eco-conscious and stylish woman.

Check out the video below of the Story of Cork which will give you a better idea of the harvesting process.

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