New Alternatives – Food as Leather

New Alternatives – Food as Leather

Fashion is changing and bringing with it, exciting revolutions in the leather alternatives industry.

Finding sustainable solutions in nature are at the forefront of the vegan fashion industry. There are new and innovative materials now out in the market, and also new materials in various stages of development.

Products such as hemp & Cork.

These products have been been increasing in popularity Ava Single Colour Cork Frontas leather alternatives and are readily available on the market. They are now part of a new and exciting group of products which include materials produced from vegetable material.

These next two products have very limited availability in the market due to limitations on production and distribution. However, they are well and truly on their way to becoming future leaders in the vegan fashion industry. Pineapple leather known as Pinatex  which is made from pineapple leaves fibres developed as Cork is, in Spain.

Vegan Leather

Another interesting newcomer is mushroom leather known as Mycelium which is developed from mushrooms. The material is strong, flexible, and durable, just like conventional leathers. It is also water-resistant. Mycelium is made from natural fibers, so this material breathes and feels like leather.

Vegan leather

Together with other leather alternatives which include ultra-suedes & rubberized leather, they are now making it possible to ditch the “animal” leather, and adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle. As the demand for these alternatives rise, we will see a drop in the prices which will make it a more affordable and main stream option. The vegan fashion industry has less than 20 years behind it, so the industry still hasn’t come into it’s fullness yet.

In the time that HIAH has been a part of this vegan fashion industry, I’ve seen so much incredible research and innovation that it will only be a matter of time when alternative fabrics like these are seen more often in fashion collections worldwide than ever before.


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